3 Tips to Enhance Your Purchasing Experience with Geographe Online

partsinarowextendedIt’s a well known online purchasing routine: Enter a search term> Click the Find/Browse button > Add to basket> Checkout.
Whilst logical and systematic, this common recipe for online purchasing comes with a set of shortcomings once buying patterns become more complex, established or predictable. For argument’s sake, let’s say you have a fleet of Atlas Copco drills and Hitachi excavators that are coming up for service work. Most online buying systems require a list of dozens if not hundreds of parts to be entered – one by one. The common recipe becomes a repetitive task, susceptible to “square eye” syndrome, errors and time wastage.

As a Geographe customer, it can be useful to know that you don’t have to take the traditional route, ensuring you not only buy what you intend to, but save yourself valuable time in the process with the following suggestions:

1. Make sure you are an account holder

This may seem obvious, however, if you are not already an account holder wishing to view prices and availability may take up to 24 hours to approve. So be prepared in advance and open an account today at store.geographe.com.au.

2. When it comes to knowing what Geographe can supply, the “Order Splitter” is your new best friend

If you have a list of spare parts numbers required for the running of your fleet then you have purchased your golden ticket to Wonka’s chocolate factory. Routine telephone or online store checks as to whether Geographe can manufacture or stock a part number for a Hitachi EX3500 or Komatsu loader for example will become a redundant exercise.

With your parts list saved as a .csv file in Microsoft Excel, it can be uploaded into Geographe’s order splitter and in return, you can download two ‘split’ lists in a matter of a few instants – 1. A list of parts that Geographe can supply and 2. a list of those parts Geographe can not supply for the foreseeable future. In turn, the list of Geographe parts can be used to upload directly into your shopping cart (including quantities) or it can be kept on hand as a reference. For a run down on how to use the order splitter you can see a list easy to follow instructions here.

3. Quickly populate your cart using a list

Save the effort in the common recipe of purchasing (ie search, find, add, check out) by using the “import csv file” function on the site. This 3-in-1 system works by uploading directly into your shopping cart the list of parts in your spreadsheet whether it be 5 or 500, eliminating the need to search and browse first for individual items. Magic.

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