Is your mining equipment just not performing as well as it should? Is there a problem area causing maintenance or performance headaches? Using innovative design, product investigations and in-depth analysis, Geographe can provide custom solutions to clients on demand. To date we have provided solutions to a wide range of clients varying in scope from minor and incremental changes to complete processes and original equipment solutions.

Product Development

Geographe’s Product Development division is more than just a drawing office. Geographe currently employ one of the most advanced 3D solid modelling software packages with experience and expertise to drive the software to its full extent.


Correct Specifications

Every product is developed to ensure that it will, at a minimum, satisfy the clients’ requirements once put into service. This means identifying the best material, heat treatment, correct tolerances, surface finishes and clearances.

Intellectual Property

We can also make use of existing intellectual property, drawings or concepts in completing a design loop or progressing a solution to any stage required. Due to our strict, customer focused adherence to sensitive information, there is no risk in asking Geographe to assist you with IP use and development.


Geographe Client Solutions Infographic


If you are finding a problem difficult to solve, or need assistance getting a project to fruition and require product engineering expertise then contact us on 1800 999 240 or email for further assistance.


Find out what challenges were faced by our client and how we came to solve them with Geographe's "nut splitter" - the first of its kind on the market.