Need to determine the reason behind a failed component from your processing plant? A dedicated metallurgist forms part of Geographe's technical services team who conduct failure analysis. As engineers at heart, we gladly accept client challenges that are within our capabilities, providing solutions that can help to prevent future failure.


Eliminate Defects

Reasons for component failure are varied and are not necessarily caused by defects. However, if any defects are evident, Geographe do their best to also provide cost-effective solutions.


Improve Performance

Are you tired of your equipment experiencing recurring failures? This is an opportune time to conduct failure analysis with Geographe in order to improve performance.


Create Efficiencies

Take out the guess work in a product that just isn't working as well as it should. Geographe is here to support you in creating optimal efficiency through the failure analysis process.

Common Causes of Mechanical Failure

What We Analyse

Since Geographe's inception in 1968, customers from across Australia have been sending failed components to us for analysis and to determine possible solutions.

Types of parts that we routinely examine include:

  • Gearboxes & independent gearing components.
  • Earth moving equipment components
  • Surface & underground mining equipment.

Failure Analysis

Metallurgical Laboratory

Geographe has a well-equipped laboratory, staffed by personnel qualified to perform failure analysis and general material examinations.

Equipment includes Polishing Machines, Microscopes, Hardness Testers and Spectrographic Analysis Equipment. Other testing that can be performed includes Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant Non-Destructive Inspection.


Failure Analysis Reporting

On completion of the failure analysis, Geographe prepares a full Failure Analysis Report. This report details all metallurgical aspects specific to the particular failure. This may include visual examination, dimensional inspection, non-destructive or destructive testing, macro and micro examination, chemical analysis, surface hardness and micro hardness testing. Formal reports are issued with all relevant information and images detailed within, along with a detailed root cause analysis and suggestions for improvement.

failure analysis reports

Wanting to get to the root cause of a recent failure? Our technical services team and are here to help. Contact us on 1800 999 240 or email for further assistance.