Improving the Performance of a Failing Mill Drive Gearbox

A mill drive gearbox was twisting creating headaches for one of our customers in the zinc and copper industry. Geographe's Technical Services team were asked to investigate why it was failing only after 1000-2000 hours of service.

Mill Drive Gearbox

 Geographe were asked to find a fix given the following design restrictions:

• Mounting envelope being of fixed dimension (no wider, no longer)
• Maintain Ratio
• Maintain Couplings


Improvements that were made included:

• Increased gear face
• An increased tooth size and added barrel crowning
• Improved material and HT (DCT)
• Stiffened housing
• Improved lubrication system

Mill Drive Gearbox solution

Mill Drive Gearbox failure analysis

Geographe achieved the desired results and benefits:

• Bending/Pitting resistance up 30%
• Distortion Resistance
• Output Speed maintained
• Maintained Mounting Footprint
• Improved Lubrication
• Improved Inspection


Wanting to get to the root cause of a recent failure? Our technical services team and are here to help. Contact us on 1800 999 240 or email for further assistance.