At Geographe we can take your gear concepts or sketches and transform your ideas into a reality. Geographe offers a range of products and services including gear reproduction from samples and drawings, ratio change performance analysis, matching gear sets, double helicals, Racks and Gear segments.

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Custom Design

For custom-designed gears, Geographe offers a full complementary range of services including drafting and design (KISSsoft), metallurgical analysis, casting, heat treatment and gear hobbing, shaping, broaching as well as gear grinding.


Reverse Engineering

Are you worried about sourcing a gear that is redundant or otherwise uneconomical in the marketplace? A sample gear is all Geographe require to offer reverse engineering services through our product development team.


Gear Grinding & Manufacture

Gear grinding to an accuracy of DIN 2 is achieved through our state of the art Hofler gear grinder. Types of gearing we manufacture are: worm and wheel drives, double helicals, helical & spur gears, racks & gear segments.


AGMA Member

As a member of AGMA, the American Gear Manufacturers Association, Geographe is privy to a wealth of knowledge and support in technical standards, ensuring our engineers have the best references to work with.

Gear Grinding

One of the highest precision processing in engineering is that of Gear Grinding. The Hofler gear grinder is state of the art technology which has long benefited Geographe customers and produced results to DIN 2 accuracy. Regrinding existing gears to reduce noise alone is an economic option in industrial plants where noise is an issue.


Excessive Noise and Heat: A Case Study

A client working within the power generation industry approached Geographe with a serious issue. One of their critical gearboxes was creating excessive heat and noise which had escalated to such a high level that a custom sound proof enclosure had to be built around it.

An assessment was performed and a solution derived, Geographe applied blueprint tolerances to the gear dimensions/surface finishes and assembled the gearbox to precise fitting standards. Upon commissioning, the results were outstanding; temperatures had dropped dramatically and it was running so quietly that the sound proofing enclosure was removed. Some six years on, this gearbox is still in service with no degradation in performance.

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Gear Types We Manufacture

Types of gearing we can manufacture are:
- worm and wheel drives
- double helicals
- helical and spur gears
- racks and gear segments


For gear manufacture and grinding inquiries contact our Gears Project Manager on (08) 9724 9640. Alternatively, you can contact us on 1800 999 240 or fill in the form below so we can review and answer your request: