Has your industrial gearbox stopped working or is not giving consistent output? Gearboxes used in the mining, exploration and transport industries are often required to operate in demanding conditions. Geographe offers comprehensive services for the repair and overhaul of problem industrial gearboxes and transmission systems.

Strip & Assess

Industrial gearboxes are methodically stripped upon arrival and given a thorough clean and assessment for wear and cracks. Mag particle crack testing of gears and shafts, photos of any worn components and a comprehensive report is issued as part of the Geographe process. We take care in keeping your plant in its best condition before reassembly.

Design and Manufacture

Gearbox redesign, gear tooth profiling, cutting and grinding are all part of an extensive in house service that Geographe provides.

Gear and Parts Manufacture

The key to faster turnaround and cost savings is in Geographe’s ability to manufacture gears and parts in house, cutting down on wait times otherwise spent outsourcing.

Gearbox Refurbishments

Experienced with all brands of industrial gearboxes from the past 40 years including Lightnin, Krupp, Zollern, SEW, Falk, Bonfiglioli, Brevini, Flender, David Brown and Hansen and the manufacture of associated parts. Download our brochure

Testing & Reporting

On completion of assembly the gearbox is test run with bearing temperatures recorded every 15 min, checking for oil leaks and noise levels. Reports available include: strip, assess and full dimensional reporting, independent vibration analysis, full MDR and final inspection reports.

Other Fixed Plant Repairs

Geographe offers comprehensive services for the repair and overhaul of transmission systems as well as pumps, conveyors and precision equipment.

infographic signs of gearbox failure

Reverse Engineering

Finding it difficult to source a part or assembly due to excessively long lead times, cost or otherwise? Reverse engineering is often a good solution when OEM supply proves uneconomical or no longer supports your equipment model. It can often be used as an opportunity to improve plant reliability as well.


Defect Elimination

Premature failure can sometimes be an indicator of defective parts. If your plant isn’t performing to plan it could be time to send it in to Geographe for failure analysis and look for a solution to save on future downtime.

Modifications and Innovation

Ever wondered whether your style of gearbox, pump or valve go the extra distance in performance? Will it make a big difference to your efficiency and bottom line if it did? Or do you have a concept to make the process flow easier? Geographe’s engineering team are often approached with client concepts to turn into reality.

Should you need help with your gearbox or fixed plant contact us on 1800 999 240 or email us for further assistance:   Email your inquiry