Geographe is founded on its engineering expertise having long serviced many industries such as construction, aerospace, marine, transportation, exploration and agriculture. Engineering projects Geographe have collaborated on range from Western Australia's northwest railways to Australian Navy vessel watertight sliding doors and marine winches.

Drafting & Design

At Geographe, our product development team provides sophisticated computer aided design (CAD) services using the latest automated systems including "Solidworks 3D Models", "Solidworks Simulation", "KISSsoft" and "Geartrax" software packages.


Reverse Engineering

Do you need to re-create a component or assembly? Geographe has reverse engineered many parts for customers over the years. This is done by deducing design decisions from an end product with little or no additional knowledge about the procedures involved in their original production.

Client Solutions

Using innovative design, product investigations and in-depth analysis, Geographe can also provide custom solutions to clients on demand. To date we have provided solutions to a wide range of clients varying in scope from minor and incremental changes to complete processes and original equipment solutions.


Innovations and custom designs have been part of the Geographe ethos since 1968 when customers would approach us with difficulties and challenges in order to find engineering solutions.

Our engineering department has continued to grow throughout the decades, highly skilled in state-of-the-art design and drafting softwares to provide innovations for clients in numerous industries whether it be oil & gas, naval, transport or mining.


Engineering Software

Three key software packages are utilised by Geographe's Product Development Team.

1) Solid Works- is a computer aided modelling, design and drafting program used to produce technical and engineering drawings of objects both real and virtual. It assists us with two dimensional product drawings, verification of design before manufacture as well as 3D geometric designs.

2) GearTrax- generates accurate 3-dimensional gear tooth profiles for components with teeth on them. It works by loading the geometry of the gear teeth into the program which then generates the tooth profile directly into Solidworks. The designer then manipulates the model to include all other features.

3) KISSsoft- performs sizing calculations for machine elements to design rotating machinery parts such as shafts and gears; calculate tooth geometry; and assess the strength of new gear sets. This is to ensure the optimisation of every Geographe design for its given application.

aframe bearing kit

Do you have a technical question or are you interested in getting some parts drawn and manufactured? Contact us on 1800 999 240 or email for further assistance.