Searching for more ways to improve the bottom line? Geographe can provide cost-effective solutions for fleet maintenance requirements. Many successful agreements have been created by Geographe for global companies to help reduce their costs, creating a healthier bottom line - both short and long term.

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B2B Ready

Our products can be aligned with electronic or automated supply chain systems that Geographe are already equipped to work. These include Quadrem, ARiba and SAP.

Alternatively, you can browse our online store, check stock availability and more.


Fixed Prices

Geographe can fix prices for up to 12 months, hedging your risk against fluctuations in pricing and ensuring there are no cost ‘surprises’.


Corporate Agreements

Corporate agreements can be entered regardless of whether you are a large buyer of capital. Geographe’s agreements can be applied to relatively small fleets as well as large, meaning more clients can enjoy the benefits of working with us.


Cost Reduction Modules

As our client, you can rely on our ability to listen and to draw on our excellent parts knowledge. Based on your mining fleet and KPIs, we can offer stock holdings, service exchanges, product development and grouping of multiple brands into one agreement, allowing a more cost effective solution tailored to you and a lower total cost of ownership.

Who is Geographe? How do they begin to reduce your operational costs? Let's have a look:

Looking for ideas on cost reductions? Send us your fleet list within the enquiry box in the form below. Alternatively, you can contact us on 1800 999 240 or email your list to and we will return a list of items we can supply for your fleet.