Looking through Geographe's 30,000+ range of products, you may stumble upon a select group with the curious suffix label of "EP". These are regarded as Geographe's premium range of value-adding products that can be found across a number of popular OEM machines. So, what are EP or Enhanced Performance products? And what sets them apart from original equipment parts?

Problem Solving

At Geographe, we recognise that careful quality control of selected materials, the right heat treatment, improving lubrication and applying fit for purpose tolerancing all contribute to the ultimate performance of a part. These methodologies have been used to create our range of EP products. Our most popular range such as Solid Pin Kits, A Frame Bearings and Ball Studs have proven over time to save hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients.

Raising the Standard

Enhanced Performance, or 'EP' parts can be viewed as upgrades to standard parts, established exclusively through customer demand. Since 1968, Geographe have been approached by customers who were frustrated with original components failing prematurely and the unplanned maintenance that ensued. With a team of engineers and by applying techniques learnt through countless hours of trials, Geographe addressed these issues one by one.

Greater Value

Infact, a reduced 'whole of life' cost of ownership is often cited by clients as the key benefit of using Enhanced Performance products. With the most common feedback being: Enhanced Performance parts are competitively priced. It is not unusual for EP parts to last double if not triple the life of the OEM standard. Labour costs and maintenance associated with using EP parts are often greatly reduced.

enhanced performance infographic 1

Ball Studs

Our customers in the field have recently reported that the average life achieved on Geographe Enhanced Performance (EP) ball studs has been a massive 16,000 hours when installed in CAT 7-Series trucks. That's impressive by any standard.

Solid Pin Kits

Used as a replacement for oil-filled bucket pins, our kits are uniquely engineered to eliminate the problem of seizure which normally creates difficulties in extracting oil filled pins. Solid Pin Kits have proven to be one of Geographe’s most popular kit choices throughout the years.

A-Frame Bearings

Extend the service life of your CAT 777, 785 and 789 series dump trucks by more than double with Geographe's A Frame Spherical bearings which are now available to order in convenient 15-part kits. Our bearings have an expected life of 16,000 hours. Individual A-frame spherical bearings to suit 793 trucks are also available.

enhanced performance infographic 2

Do you have a poor performing part which could benefit from some engineering enhancement? Contact our Technical Services Manager on (08) 9449 1138. Alternatively email sean.martin@geographe.com.au for further information.