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June 6, 2018

Is it time to take control of your digger costs?

Save money on slew drives with geogrpahe


When it comes to fleet maintenance, Geographe understands the need for cost efficiencies and machine reliability.  We also understand, that sometimes it appears the safer option to stay with who you know. However, if you could minimise the risk and make a change that would curb your spending substantially, while also improving long term maintenance, would you do it?

Take advantage of change, with Geographe’s specialised CAT/Bucyrus slew drive refurbishments.


What we include in every Geographe slew drive refurbishment:

  1. A Repair Quote (example shown here), complete with assessments, recommendations, consumable parts audit and delivery schedule.
  2. Expert project management, to ensure the best results.
  3. Optional planet carrier insert modification, proven to substantially extend the life of slew drives.
  4. Standard Geographe repair warranty terms.

“Our Bucyrus RH Series slew drives had premature failures in the first stage carrier. Geographe assessed the failure cause and rectified the flaw. Which has now proved itself in the field, giving it extra life for swing drives. Which will now last the expected change out intervals”

L. Rogers, HME Technical Specialist – Citic Pacific


We also have service exchange units also available including ones to suit RH series Bucyrus excavators

Slew drive parts

Pictured above (L to R) Bucyrus RH340 repair assessment through to planet carrier insert modification to final dispatch.

Looking for improvements to your slew drives?

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