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Geographe are one of Australia’s leading industrial gearbox service providers specialising in overhauls and the manufacture of precision gear related products. We can manufacture and assemble complete gearboxes or individual parts through reverse engineering. If you are experiencing premature wear or failure we can assess component loads and improve specification for improved reliability.

Types of gears Geographe can manufacture are shown below (pictures are not to scale):


Geographe provides a full suite of in-house services for the manufacture of gears, including:

• Casting (ferrous and non-ferrous)
• Heat treatment (gas carburising, quench & temper, induction hardening)
• Gear tooth profile milling, hobbing, shaping and broaching
• Full form gear grinding to DIN4.

We specialise in the manufacture of unique componentry to customer requirements and are able to deliver superior quality components with increased precision through our specialised engineering services.

We are highly proficient in manufacturing under licence, to customers specification and drawings. Previous manufacturing projects completed under licence by Geographe include Mixer components and complete Drill Head Gear Boxes.

Industrial Gearbox Overhaul

Geographe has a dedicated team of gear specialists experienced in all aspects of refurbishment, maintenance and enhancement of industrial gearboxes such as; David Brown, Flender, Fenner, Hansen, Lightnin, Brevini and Valmet. Our workshop is based in Kewdale, Western Australia.

Full services for the overhaul of industrial gearboxes includes; strip and assessment, reporting and quoting plus failure analysis, supply of enhanced performance parts where applicable for superior performance and reliability, assembly and painting, testing and supply with final inspection report.

Geographe manufactured planetary gear arrangement

Gear Reconditioning and Regrinding

Worn Gears are often recoverable through precision gear grinding. Thorough assessment including pre and post non destructive testing, profile checks and final profile inspection by our experienced project management team ensures they will be fit for purpose.

Other offerings include:

• Specify and supply Mill Pinions and Girth Gears
• Gear design optimization through FEA and KissSoft engineering software.
• Design and manufacture gearboxes
• Conveyor Drives
• Ratio changes
• Reverse Engineer gears no longer supported by the OEM
• Exciter Gearbox overhaul and enhancement
• Couplings

Please contact your Geographe Relationship Manager or call 08 9449 1111 and speak with a Gear Estimator for further information.

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