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Ever feel like you’re using a square peg for a round hole, or there’s no OEM alternative?

At Geographe, we work hard to find the easier way for our clients.

With our proven expertise in mining and resources, Geographe has also been asked to provide engineering solutions in construction, aerospace, marine, transportation, exploration, and agriculture.  We’ve collaborated with clients to significantly reduce maintenance time, improve safety, and decrease up-front and whole-of-life operating costs.

Drafting & Design

The Geographe product development team provides sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) services, using Solidworks, KISSsoft, and Geartrax.

Reverse Engineering

Looking to re-create a component or assembly? Need a part that is no longer available?  We’re able to reverse engineer solutions in record time.

Customised Solutions

Using innovative design, product investigations, and in-depth analysis, Geographe provides custom solutions to clients on demand.

A one-third time reduction for a routine maintenance task.

The Problem
Wheel nut seizures during truck fleet servicing due to severe salty conditions.

The Solution
A Custom Industrial Nut Splitter to remove the need for thermal cutting and eliminate site hot work permits.

The Tricky Bit
Unique design specifications included in the solution were:

  1. Tool should operate in a vertical position
  2. Tool should be narrow enough to fit into the truck wheel hub
  3. Tool could not weigh more than 23kg for mine site safety reasons

After 3D modeling a new scissor-style design, and conducting a finite element analysis (FEA) assessment,  the production version of Geographe’s nut splitter proved very successful in reducing the client’s truck fleet downtime. 

Wheel and wheel nut removals were brought down from 36 hours to an average 4 – 6 hours whilst eliminating any requirement for hot work permits and creating a safer working environment.

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