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In an industry where a minor delay can cost millions, you can sleep soundly knowing Geographe’s vertically integrated manufacturing base is designed to deliver industry leading manufacture times.

Our manufacturing model means casting, gear grinding, heat treatment, machining, chrome plating, and much more are all achieved in-house allowing Geographe to be the only supplier and vendor you need to complete your order.

3D modelling

3D Modelling

Geographe engineers have years of experience designing new products and reverse engineering components to improve performance.  Today these are created using programs such as Solidworks 3D CAD and Solidworks Composer.


Our workshop offers sand moulding and centrifugal casting, with up to 250kg induction melting capacity, allowing us to cast ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Cutting and Grinding

There’s nothing we haven’t cut our teeth on; worm and wheel drives, double helicals, helical & spur gears and racks & gear segments.  More information on our gear manufacturing capabilities can be found here.

Heat Treatment

Our Bunbury manufacturing plant has extensive heat treatment facilities, making use of five fluid bed furnaces. The facility can offer Gas Carburizing, Nitro Carburizing, Quench and Tempering, Normalizing and Stress Relieving.

Geographe has expanded its heat treatment facility to include a twin-lane Ipsen Continuous Furnace which will allow for increased capacity and even faster turnaround.  The furnace is the largest of its type in the southern hemisphere allowing for unrivaled throughput.

Surface Treatment

We offer a range of standard industrial treatments, and specialise in precision Chrome Plating, Phosphate Coating, and Two Pack spray painting.

precision cutting


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