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We’re a nation of innovators. From the Hills Hoist to the Polymer Banknote, finding a better way is in our DNA.

The first decade
Necessity was the mother of invention from the time Geographe was founded in 1968. A response to reports of failing equipment and parts in heavy machinery, we began manufacturing replacements and repairing parts in a humble backyard workshop in Busselton, Western Australia. As word spread through the mineral sands and coal mining sectors, the business grew and so did our scope of work.

Creating better than original parts
Through the following decade, Geographe’s team expanded to include a dedicated Draftsman and Metallurgist to further improve the quality of our parts. These parts were branded with the now familiar red, chuck jaw logo.

Success through diversity

During the 1980’s and 90’s, Geographe was involved with a diverse scope of project work including innovations in Oil & Gas, Naval, Transport, Mining and Aerospace.  Our engineering department has continued to grow throughout the decades, highly skilled in state-of-the-art design and drafting software’s to provide innovations for our broad range of clients.

Enhanced Performance Parts
After developing the first Solid Pin Kit to suit the CAT 992 loader, Geographe continued to develop parts designed to outperform the OEM offering. In 1994, these superior parts were officially branded as EP, or Enhanced Performance.  Through client feedback and reverse engineering,  we’ve now developed more than 1,000 EP Parts to suit a cross section of machinery.

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The present

From our humble beginnings, today Geographe has Australian offices and workshops in Perth, Bunbury and Townsville and has additional Australian stock holdings through distribution partners in Kalgoorlie, Mackay and Hunter Valley.

As well as servicing all of the Tier 1 Australian miners, Geographe supplies to companies and mines in countries such as France, Russia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines.  We also have strategic distribution partners located in Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa and Chile.


    What does the future hold?

     As well as further product patents, during 2018, we’ll be unveiling two new machines, the first of their kind in the world. As the industry continues to evolve, we’re determined to stay on the front foot to offer cost-saving improvements to our clients, just as we have from that first day in our Busselton workshop.

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