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Case Study

The Problem


An International Underground Mining Contractor reported experiencing premature failure of their Caterpillar R2900 Loader Bucket Stops – OEM Part ref 233-0734 to our Client Relationship Team. 

The Caterpillar Bucket Stops were reported to be lasting 48 hours (4 shifts) at best and at worst, lasting just 12 hours (1 shift) in an underground copper mine environment.

Caterpillar R2900 Loader Bucket Stops

The Solution


Geographe reverse-engineered an OEM Bucket Stop which allowed us to understand the product materials and the build structure of the part.   From our analysis, we were able to change the core material to create a longer-lasting product with superior impact and abrasion properties. 

In field trials, our Enhanced Performance bucket stop demonstrated more than 10 times the lifespan of the equivalent OEM part. 

The Geographe Enhanced PerformanceBucket Stops (Part 11539297) tested lasted well over 420 hours and offered our client a cost-per-unit price saving as well as significantly lowering the R2900 fleet total cost of ownership through increased machine uptime.


Improvement factors

longer up-time capable in general use

greater productivity

over 10 X lifespan vs OEM item

lower total cost of ownership through reduced parts and labour costs

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