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Case Study

The Problem

Shortcomings in the Caterpillar / Bucyrus / Terex / O&K spline carrier insert meant that was not capable of handling the dynamic loads placed upon it.  A revised and improved version was required that could be mated with the spline carrier insert

The Solution

Geographe engineers modified the planet carriers to accept hardened spline inserts, drastically improving reliability. What’s more, no modifications to the machine are required to use this Enhanced Performance part.

These planet carrier insert modifications are available on the CAT 6040 (Bucyrus RH 170),  CAT 6050 (Bucyrus RH200), CAT 6060 (Bucyrus RH340), and CAT 6090 (Bucyrus RH400).

Improvement factors

No machine modification required

same time to install as standard

Reduced downtime by removing catastrophic failure

greater productivity

Reduced or removed risk of damage to mating parts

reduced failure risks

Longer up-time capable in general use

greater productivity

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