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Case Study

The Problem

In a standard Hitachi excavator arrangement, thrust plate wear eventually results in damage and wear to cap screw bolt heads. When this wearing occurs it results in making the change out process a lot more difficult. To work around this, the thrust plates are often welded into position creating additional work and requiring hot work permits.

Geographe Top Hat Bushes

The Solution

Geographe created a one piece unit named the Top Hat Bush. Which combines both the Thrust Plate and Bush together. The Top Hat Bush is manufactured from a single piece of material for integral strength and durability.  The Top Hat Bush has grease grooves and cross hatching within the bore for superior lubrication.  Geographe clients have reported significantly longer component life versus the standard Hitachi OEM arrangement. Which eliminate’s the need to weld thrust plates into position or gouge them out upon removal resulting in large labour savings.

The Feedback

“Since 2010, HWE/Leighton have been using a top hat bush system developed in conjunction with Geographe.  Geographe engineered the system that works similarly to that of the Liebherr R994 machine, eliminating the need for thrust washers in the top bucket bores of our Hitachi excavators. We have added cross hatching to the bores of the bottom bucket bushes. Due to these results we have adopted it as part of our maintenance routine to date.

HWE / Leighton have found that we achieve approximately three times the life from the Geographe-style of pin and bush.”

Leighton Workshop Manager – Perth

Click here to see more detail on a Top Hat Bush to suit an Hitachi EX 3600 excavator

Improvement factors

Fitment ease/reduced fitting time

reduced labour costs

No hot work required

increased safety factor

Up to 3 X longer life vs OEM standard arrangement

longer up time capable in normal use

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