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What about improving your day-to-day?

Experience seamless integration with your inventory management to reduce whole-of-life operating costs, as well as on every plant shutdown or mobile fleet service.

Get quality parts and service for less.

A Geographe designed original solid pin kit to suit the Caterpillar 992K Loader.

The benefits of a
Geographe relationship


  • You’re not about cutting corners. We’re not, either.

    Every minute of downtime costs your operation. With multiple national and international warehousing locations, feel confident having access to stock when and where it’s needed.
  • Need better priced performance?

    50 years ago Geographe began delivering what the industry had always been looking for: higher quality parts at a lower price than OEMs, delivered in full and on time.
  • How do we guarantee supply?

    We know every minute of downtime costs your operation. Geographe also delivers 24/7 parts support through multiple national and international warehousing locations. Imagine, not having to worry about stock and supply chain breakdowns.
  • Want to end the searching with integrated ordering?

    Geographe products can be aligned with electronic or automated supply chain systems including Quadrem, Ariba and SAP. Streamline your reordering process with a single point of contact, no matter the make of your equipment. You can thank us later for reducing your workload.
reduce costs

Looking to reduce
costs and downtime?

Companies like yours have used cost reduction methods including stock holdings, service exchanges, product development, and grouping of multiple brands into one agreement.

Want to fix your plant and your price? To create a lower total cost of ownership, we can fix prices for up to 12 months, hedging your risk against fluctuations in pricing and ensuring there are no cost ‘surprises’.

online store

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We’ve developed agreements to help global companies reduce their costs, creating a healthier bottom line.

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