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We’ve been manufacturing heavy industry parts for over 50 years. Geographe parts are engineered to match all the specs of the OEM’s…

 Except for one thing: Geographe Enhanced Performance Parts are designed to last many times longer than the OEM equivalent item.

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Geographe has an industry-leading record of 95-100% DIFOT (Delivered In Full On Time). That means increased up-time for your operation.


Are your parts failing before their expected lifetime? Find out about Geographe Enhanced Performance Parts, reverse engineered to outlast even OEM components.


Our on-site metallurgist is elemental in our operations. We can diagnose and correct material reasons for unexpected part failure, and correct these in our manufactured parts.


Every Geographe produced part is laser-etched with a batch number, allowing for traceability and documentation throughout its life-cycle.

Case Studies Geographe re-engineered and enhanced a popular excavator bush and thrust plate arrangement creating a single part replacement.

The result was up to triple the original components life span, plus a significant saving in labour time during bucket refurbishment as no hot work is required to fix the parts in place.

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