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With over 50,000 parts catalogued to suit a diverse range of both surface and underground machines, Geographe can provide what you need for your mining fleet. We can reference parts by make, machine type or part number and compare the cost savings.


Geographe also have the capabilities to undertake specs on new machines, repairs, maintenance and overhauls of your fleet. That includes rear-axle assemblies, cylinder repairs, transmissions, diffs and gears.

As we are manufacturers, not just stockists, we can reverse engineer parts including various gears types.  Ring gears, drive gears, plus planet and sun (spur and helical) gears are all within our scope of work.  Re-grinding existing gears to reduce noise alone can be an economical option in industrial plants where noise is an issue.

What we can offer:

Complete Scheduled Maintenance Kits
Imagine every component for your scheduled service in one place. Geographe Targeted Kits are the most convenient way of ordering for scheduled maintenance. Think: instead of 50 line items to order, tick just one, and the job is done.

Wear Parts & Consumables
Browse by brand to find the right fit. Geographe stock consumables to suit Caterpillar, Atlas Copco, Hitachi, Komatsu, Liebherr, and Sandvik machinery plus many others. Search our online store to see stock and availability.

Parts Made to Order
Finding it difficult to get parts? Do you need a large batch size manufactured? Perhaps the part is now obsolete? Our relationship managers work closely with our engineering and production teams to deliver made to order parts.

Urgent Parts
Never get caught out again. Our warehousing and logistics operations allow Geographe to provide 24/7 parts support from around Australia to make sure that whatever the situation, we can deliver on our promises.

Enhanced Performance Parts
What sets EP (Enhanced Performance) parts apart from original equipment? EP parts are an upgrade on the standard, offering increase longevity, easier removal or multiple usage amongst many of the benefits. We now have over 1,000 EP parts in our catalogue due to growing customer demand.

Need a repair over a replacement?
We handle that too.

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Open Cut

Geographe can offer a minor repair through to complete in house manufacture to OEM specification. Repairs and rebuilds include final drives, slew motors, load rollers, stick and boom repairs and many more.


Geographe have expertise in repairing and refurbishing various underground machines from Atlas Copco and Sandvik. Boom heads, turning devices, rollovers, torque motors, carousels, rod grippers, feed rails form part of our repair services.


Geographe’s fixed plant refurbishment repertoire includes repairs and refurbishments to group pumps, conveyor pulleys and bogies. Plus hydraulic and water pumps, salt harvester axles, shafts and pulleys.

Fixed Transmissions

Geographe is often called upon to repair and refurbish fixed transmissions. That includes mixing tanks, mill drives, planetary drives and other plant drives.

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