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Mobile fleet repairs and fixed plant overhauls… our service doesn’t stop at providing parts.

Geographe has the capabilities to undertake site specs on new machines, repairs, maintenance and overhauls of your fleet.

We’re manufacturers, not just stockists, and can reverse engineer parts, including gears, as part of our repair support capabilities.

There are parts interpreters. Then there’s Geographe.
We’re engineers with a hands-on approach. Our team actually understands your fleet inside and out and can carry out repairs in our workshop or offer advice to your maintenance team on site.

Want repairs with reduced lead times?
The Geographe service team work meticulously to inspect, repair, test, and analyse your mobile fleet and fixed plant, with stringent ISO quality standards, ensure a consistent result. Plus, our multi-faceted, in-house manufacturing capabilities mean no drawn out lead times on part repair or replacement.

What machinery does Geographe repair?
We handle all types of mobile and fixed plant equipment. That includes bulldozers, haul trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, surface drills and underground drills.

Need refurbishment instead of replacement? We handle that, too.

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Geographe can offer a minor repair through to complete in house manufacture to OEM specification. Repairs and rebuilds include final drives, slew motors, load rollers, stick and boom repairs and many more.


Geographe has expertise in repairing and refurbishing various underground machines from Atlas Copco and Sandvik. Boom heads, turning devices, rollovers / torque motors, carousels, rod grippers, feed rails – they’re all part of our repair services.


Geographe’s fixed plant refurbishment repertoire includes repairs and refurbishments to group pumps, conveyor pulleys, bogies, hydraulic and water pumps, salt harvester axles, shafts and pulleys.

Fixed Transmissions

Geographe is often called upon to repair and refurbish fixed transmissions, including mixing tanks, mill drives, planetary drives and other plant drives.

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Need mobile fleet component repairs, service exchange (SX) replacements, fixed plant rebuilds, or failure analysis?

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