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The Problem

The Caterpillar / Gardner Denver version of pinion 1415295 to suit an HPR2 drifter in an SCR 5000 / GD 5000 drill is designed by the OEM as a single use item. Once the splines on this version are worn, the pinion must be discarded.


The Solution

Geographe re-engineered and enhanced this pinion so that rather than the utilising the offset Gardner Denver design. Our Geographe design featured a symmetrical centre piece with an adjustable spacer, changeable on each end of the spline.

With this change we are able to double the part’s lifespan in addition to significant savings achieved on the original purchase price. This was achieved through the pinion being able to be reversed once worn on one side. The pinion forms part of Geographe’s Enhanced Performance range of parts.

The saving

$1,895,855 AUD

Total savings for mine sites to date (2018) using this EP Part 


A cost comparison for a single site

$4212.08 - OEM Price (2018)
$3007.43 - Geographe Price (2018)


savings per unit purchased from Geographe vs OEM


savings on 20 additional pinions no longer required due to dual product life


total savings made over 20 pinions purchased in a year vs OEM

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