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The Problem:

Geographe received feedback that the standard OEM rear strut pin on a CAT 793F Haul Truck was prone to seizing in the frame bores, often requiring thermal lancing to remove the pin.

Before thermal lancing could take place, the rear wheels on the applicable truck side needed to be removed taking considerable time and resources.

From what should be a relatively straight forward task if a pin seizure occurs, a significant number of high-risk tasks are now introduced such as hot works, tire removal, & tire handling, all of which attribute to a greater amount of labour required to remove the standard pin.


The Solution:

Collated pin designs have been used by Geographe in the mining industry for many years.  To eliminate pin seizure, Geographe leveraged this design idea and created the Rear Strut Collated Pin Assembly which is believed to be the first application of its type to a CAT 793F Haul Truck rear strut.

Geographe Collated Pin Assembly - Rear Strut


This collated pin assembly works by using a barrel pin with tapered collets. When collets are fastened to the pin, the collet mouth slides up the taper and expands applying force to the frame bores.

Where the Collated Pin Assembly really excels is upon removal where we designed the collets with threaded jacking holes. Once the pin is ready for removal, simply remove the retaining bolts from the pin and refit them to the jacking holes. This will cause the collet to loosen and free the pin for removal. This can be all completed by a single maintainer without any hot works or removing the tires.

When the collates expand inside the housing/frame, this locks the pin in place and eliminates unwanted movement.   At pin or strut change out, the bores typically no longer require any remedial work.


Tired of lancing out seized rear strut pins?

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