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The Problem

A Global Gold Miner turned to Geographe to help resolve the issue of hoist pin (OEM ref 237-0417) seizure on their CAT 793 D and F model haul truck fleet.  Work on site was forced to stop whenever there was a pin seizure in the frame and they were looking for a resolution to this issue.  Furthermore, the need for hot work upon pin removal added an additional cost and safety concerns.

Caterpillar 793 Haul Truck Hoist Pin Modification

The Solution

By adding lubrication grooves and grease nipples that can connect to a grease line, this direct replacement for Pin 237-0417 now allowed the part to be greased.  This modification helped increase the pin’s lifespan and eliminate the need for hot work upon removal.   Geographe have since created full Hoist Pin Kits to suit the CAT 793 D and 793 F for easier servicing. 

These Hoist Pin Kits include Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Clamps, Pad Assemblies, Bosses, Spacers and Shims as well as the Modified Pin shown above.

Improvement factors

Fitment ease/ reduced fitting time

reduced labour costs

No hot work required

increased staff safety and reduced admin costs

Longer up-time capable in general use

greater productivity

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