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Total savings for one loader (includes parts and labour costs)


The Problem

An oil-filled bucket pin arrangement requires a lengthy labour component. Of 144 hours to change out parts over the usual 10,500 hour life cycle.

oil-filled bucket pin arrangement

oil-filled bucket pin arrangement

The Solution

The Geographe range of EP (Enhanced Performance) products add value in extending equipment life and service intervals.  We have found that Geographe clients that are currently using the solid pin kit. Detailed below in their CAT 994 Loaders have seen a reduction in the labour component to just 48 hours during a 10,500 life cycle.

By changing to a solid pin arrangement reduces the required downtime, as well as removing the additional labour usually required at the 7,000 hour mark.


The Life Cycle

OEM oil filled pin arrangement - 3,500 hours
Geographe Solid Pin Kit - 10,500 hours

7000 hours more uptime

than the standard OEM arrangement

The Total Costs

OEM oil filled pin arrangement- $106,686 AUD
Geographe Solid Pin Kit - $46,136 AUD


Savings on parts alone when using a Geographe Solid Pin Kit

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