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May 24, 2018


Geographe have created a ball stud equivalent to 8X-9620 that is designed to give a superior life span when used in a CAT 789 or 793 Haul Truck.

What sets the Geographe part apart?

Our ball stud design improvements include a material change, heat treatment plus lubrication and machining tolerance enhancements.

The taper to socket radii is machined to N6 and shot peened to apply a state of compression at the surface.

We have also added figure 8 grease grooving to the socket area increasing the lubrication spread by approximately 200%.


8 commonly asked questions regarding the Geographe equivalent of  Ball Stud 8X-9620


1 – What are the strength and fatigue properties? 

OEM measured samples: 15-17 J (Izod)
Geographe specification: 40 J (Izod)

Geographe ball studs have over twice the impact resistance of the OEM equivalent, so are tough and wear extremely well.

2 – Is the material used to manufacture the Geographe ball stud different to the OEM?

Yes, our material choice offers optimum toughness and impact resistance when coupled with our heat treatment specification.

3 – How does the Geographe ball stud design differ from the original OEM design to reduce the risk of cracking?

Our material choice and stringent heat treatment specification has successfully mitigated the risk of cracking. The OEM stud samples analysed by Geographe revealed core hardness outside of the recommended tensile strength range for AS1444-4340.  It is not normal practice to use 4340 in this range because of the marked drop in impact values due to temper embrittlement.

4 – What life span should we expect from a Geographe Ball Stud when used in CAT 789 and 793 trucks?

15,000 to 18,000 hours has been reported by our customers in some extreme conditions.  Lifespan will vary depending on the conditions in which mining is taking place.

5 – What is the recommended Geographe inspection & maintenance strategy?

Geographe recommends inspecting the ball studs as per the OEM specification.

6 – Do you offer oversized versions of these studs?

Yes – we offer two versions which are currently made to order.  Please contact us regarding manufacturing lead times on these.

The nominal diameter (dimension “z” in the figure below) of the standard, first and second oversized versions are:

  • Standard              Dia. 82.55mm
  • 1st Oversize          Dia. 83.34mm
  • 2nd Oversize        Dia. 84.14mm

7 – Can I purchase your 8X-9620 equivalent as part of a ball stud kit?

Yes – our 789 and 793 Ball Stud Kits contain the following items:

1 x 11514372 (SNAP RING – 5T6667)
1 x 11491437 (BALL STUD CAP – 5T6503)
1 x 11476972 (RACE BEARING – 6V7959)
1 x 11513943 (BALL STUD COVER – 5T6809)
1 x 11477808 (BALL STUD – 8X9620EP)
1 x 11472913 (HI TENSILE NUT – 3J6899)

These complete kits can be seen here on our online store.

8 – Do you offer a tool which can assist us when it’s time to remove these studs?

Yes – please see our blog post regarding our Patented Ball Stud Removal Tool.


Geographe are proud to have  sold thousands of our ball studs and ball stud kits to suit Caterpillar Haul Trucks to many customers worldwide for over 20 years.  As of 2018, have yet to have a reported failure…. Why not see why a Geographe Ball Stud is a better ball stud.

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